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Safety and Security


Safety and security is our highest first priority. To this effect, we would like to advise you, of all of the programs (Adventure activities) that are an integral part of our daily operations in our company. These include following security concern:

  1. Reinforcement of our staff awareness program that states “All staff are part of the security team” and are responsible for looking after your safety and security.
  2. The properties we use are latest and comfortable equipment for during their any adventure activities. Comprehensive equipment audits conducted regularly.
  3. Extra security staffs for our guest safety. Entire security staffs are trained by certified trainer and are able to deal with emergencies of all types.
  4. Cross functional emergency response teams in the any type of adventure tour activities within the group.
  5. The seven star trekking and expedition are strongly recommended to our entire client that are not allowed any such (Bungee jump, Expedition, Peak climbing, Paragliding) adventurous activities for physically unfitness people, Child, expecting women and untrained people.
  6. Two way communication systems during their adventure journey period.

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