Buddhist Pilgrims Tour 12 days

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Buddhist Pilgrims Tour  12 days NBPT-003 2 – Above   Nepal-India

Buddha was born some 2500 years ago in Lumbini in the southern Nepal. Lumbini is the greatest pilgrimage site for all the Buddhists from all over the world. Lumbini today houses the pond where Buddha was bathed after he was born and a temple which has images of young Buddha with his mother. There is also a Stone.pillar which is one of such many pillars put by the famous Indian emperor Ashoka to mark the important sites related to Buddha’s life. In an excavation made few years ago more objects of historical importance were discovered which are in display for all.

Kathmandu valley we have 2000 years old impressive stupa of Swoyambhunath and world’s biggest stupa at Bouddhanath. The Bouddhanath stupa is 1500 years old and is more popular among the many Tibetan refugees living in Kathmandu .Inside the Kathmandu valley the city of Patan is dominantly Buddhists and has places like Mahabouddha Temple and Hiranya Varna Mahavihar to show you.On the outskirt of Kathmandu in the hill is the stupa of Namobuddha, small but old, active and highly revered. Also, this tour including KUSHINAGA,VISHALI, NALANDA, BODH GAYA, SARNATH and SARAWASTI in India,
Buddhist Pilgrims Tour will take you to these Buddhist sites and also few more while travelling inside the city .We will also take you to the peaceful and beautiful lake city of Pokhara. Here you can see the tremendous view of the Himalayas, visit the world peace stupa and go for boating in the cool lake water. Finally you will have free time to shop a great number of Buddhist objects which you may not find in your home country.

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Day 01 As per your Int’l flight schedule, Arrival at Delhi int’l airport, Meet & great by our airport rep. 4-5 hrs drive to Agra, check-in to hotel, refreshment and evening Taj Mahal sightseeing O/N.
Day 02 Is the ‘Enlightenment’ with the great Bodhi Tree under which Gautama was supposed to have meditated and been transformed into the ‘Buddha’ This spot is today marked with a red sandstone slab .Here sightseeing of Bodh gaya, Mahabodhi Temple and Bodhi Tree, Niranjana River, Sujata Kuti, Big Buddha Statue.
Day 03 Saranath is located is 7KM far from Vanarasi, in Uttar pardesh was where the Buddha give his “First Sermon” It is said that the wheel of the Law was turned here. The Dhamek Stupa, an Imposing monument exciting to date, was the site was the first sermon. Sightseeing of here Dhamekha Stupa, Buddha’s first teaching, Mulgandha Kuti and Ashokan Pillar.
Day 04 Drive to Nalanda/Rajgir is the capital of the Bimbisara, where GGuatama met Rudraka Rampurta, a young master. He Had to return here as the Buddha and Bimbisara to become his disciple and parton. The king conversation took place at the present location at the “Hill of Vajgir) King Bimbisara, and Nalanda where the Buddha preached and the monastic movement gained ground after the teacher’s death. It emerged as a great University around the 4th-5th century A.D. There remain parts of around 11 monasteries today.  O/N
Day 05 Drive to Vaishali, (Patilputra – Capital of Ashokan) Was the halt for Gautama, the ascetic, once he had shed the mantle of prince Siddhartha. He met the Yoga teacher, Alara Kalana here; Several Ashokan Pillars are still extant here. O/N
Day 06 Kushinagara, is the region where the Buddha died (under the Sal grove) and is said to have attained Mahaparinibbana, Salvation bliss upon death /cessation of being. The Nirvana stupa here dates from Ashoka’s time.
Day 07 Drive to Lumbini. Lumbini is the birth place of “Lord Buddha” born to Queen Maya, who is said to have delivered, standing and supporting herself by a sal tree (following her dream of a white elephant entering her womb). visit Lumbini Garden, visit Ashokan Pillar, Maya Devi Temple, Sacred Pond and different monasteries. O/N
Day 08 Kapilavastu the modern Piprahawa, was the fortified town of Suddhodana, the father of Siddhartha (by Namely the “Buddha’s Personal Name) where the latter spent his youth before setting out on the way to ‘Enlightenment’. O/N
Day 09 Kapilavastu the modern Piprahawa, was the fortified town of Suddhodana, the father of Siddhartha (by Namely the “Buddha’s Personal Name) where the latter spent his youth before setting out on the way to ‘Enlightenment’. Visit other interesting Buddhist Sites – Tilaurakot / Kapilvastu, Sagarhawa, Gotihawa, Kudan and Niglihawa, O/N
Day 10 In the early morning drive to Namobuddha via Kathmandu, where Shakyamuni Buddha is believed to have fed his own flesh to a starving tigress. Visit the Monastery and Stupa. Evening visit Patan Durbar Square. O/N
Day 11 Kathmandu, The culture heritage of the Kathmandu valley is illustrated by Seven Group of monuments and building which display the range of historic and artistic achievement for which the Kathmandu Valley is World Famous.
Sightseeing of Bouddhanath, Swyambhunath & shanty Cave. Evening shopping at touristic market Thamel.
Day 12 According your Int’l flight schedule, you will be Transfer to Kathmandu Int’l airport/Fly out country.

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 Air condition Tourist coach.
 3 star Twin sharing B/B (Bed & Breakfast) accommodation on major city and Nest & clean best accommodation out of scenic spot.
 Scenic spot entrance fee.
 English/Chinese Langue speaker tour guide.
 A bottle Mineral water per day for per person served.
 At Kathmandu short shopping trip to be provided.
 Second Last evening diner will be served at Nepalese cultural program show restaurant at Kathmandu.

 Visa fee for both country (India & Nepal).
 Travel Insurance.
 All the Meal for during the trip (Lunch & Diner $225.00).
 Single Supplementary (If need $310.00)
 Tips for Tour Guide & Driver.
 Nature case.

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     If arrival at Kathmandu …departure will be from Delhi.
     If arrival at Delhi …departure will be from Kathmandu.