Haleshi Tour 6 days


Among the generally ancient and holiest seats of Nepal, The Haleshi is one of them. It is very standard as The Pashupatinath of the eastern Nepal. There tall tale other numerous small beautiful caves. Everybody, who reaches here, can’t resist themselves lacking appreciating its location,beauty as well as its natural inheritance. This is the place, which is famous pro its historical, religious, cultural and visiting the attractions substance. Here, the image of the god is inside the cave, which is satiated of natural beauty. It is furthermore a kind of pride pro the public living here, as it is as famous as other temples like the Pashupatinath, the Lumbini and that. Even globally. It is the natural cave, which fabrication in 4th remote hilly region and is said to be in existence since 6000 years. It is the place satiated of natural beauty and cultural inheritance.

Tour Type Duration Tour Code Group Size Cost Visiting destinations
Haleshi Mahadev Darshan 6 Days 8050 5-15 Person Upon Request Kathmandu- Haleshi Mahadev- Lamidanda

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