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Solo Traveler Friend welcome to Nepal Journey

Solo travel in Nepal is completely safe & inspiring. All the places you can explore without any type of hesitation. If you alone land in Nepal you can hire a taxi & go to any hotel/place in Kathmandu. After spending a night there and then you can make your holidays plan or when you are planning to come in Nepal you can write to any travel agent & take their assistance. As a solo traveler you can freely explore the each nook & corner of the country. During your stay in Nepal, if solo travel around the places of Nepal! what is on your mind, you must foremost hire a means of transportation. You can hire bicycle, taxi, jeep or motorbike, guide. Prior to making a solo travel, you must acquire detail information like travel route, safety measures, native people, culture, custom, tradition etc. Majority of Nepali people are very helpful and generous.Also you need to be more observant,cautious and sensitive.You can also hire a guide for roaming around the places of Nepal.If you get friendlier with Nepali, some may be willing to guide you around without charging you a penny. Solo travel in Nepal is fun, challenging, vivid, safe and exhilarating. It’s a gift from you to you.

You’ll see many foreigners in Nepal traveling alone and this should come as no surprise. Since tourism is the staple of the Nepalese economy, individuals of all walks of life are welcomed graciously. Though solo travelers have little to worry about in the urban districts of Nepal, it is advisable to have a guide or liaison in the outer regions that speaks fluent English and Nepali. One reason that we recommend a guide is strictly for comfort. Traveling with a native Nepali speaker significantly reduces the likely hood of scam artists and thieves targeting travels.Similarly, on treks it is highly advised that travelers go with at least one guide. Even the most experience travelers know the importance of having a helpful guide along the trail. Not only are guides important for safety, but often our clients have often remarked that the friendships formed with guides along the trails have been among the most meaningful experiences they had throughout their journey. A benefit of travelling individually is that single travelers have room for much more spontaneous decision making. In fact, a larger percentage of the travelers you will see in the urban districts are not in groups and that attests to the individual and independent nature of the people that come to this beautiful land.

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