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Medical Tour 8 days


Seven star trekking and tour program allows students to intern at Kanti Children’s Hospital, the only children’s hospital in Nepal, and volunteer at the Kathmandu Model Hospital or Sewa Kendra Leprosy Relief Center, Om Hospital, Kathmandu Medical Collage. Students gain exposure to a variety of practices within medicine, such as the physical therapy, intensive care, radiology, surgery, emergency room, and burn units, as well as experience in the treatment of malnutrition and leprosy.

Upon arrival, students coordinate with Bishop Joshi to map out an intern rotation and daily work schedule at Kanti Children’s Hospital. Students volunteer from Sunday to Saturday. Work at Kanti ends everyday at 1pm; students will have the opportunity to volunteer at the other hospital in the afternoon. CGN encourages participants to plan recreational activities, travel, and exploration of Nepal’s numerous sights and attractions when they are not volunteering in the hospitals or medical clinics.


Tour Type Nos. of Day Tour Code Group Size Cost Visiting destinations
Medical Tour 8 Days 8044 2-15 Person Upon Request Kathmandu Hospital


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