It is very important to have appropriate equipment for trekking Nepal. It’s frustrating to be uncomfortable, inconvenienced or unable to do all you want because of improper equipment, and of course it can even be dangerous. Pack carefully following the list below. Don’t overload yourself-or the porters–. But do make sure what you bring is suitable. (Duffel bags for the trek should only weigh about 15kg or 33 pounds.) Equipment like down jackets, sleeping bags can be purchased or rented in Kathmandu in trekking shops.  There is no need to purchase expensive equipment if you won’t need it again.  Although the exact model or style that you want may not be available in Kathmandu, there is quite a selection of gear to choose from. This may be especially pertinent for people undertaking an extensive journey in Asia where the Nepal trek is only part of it. We will be able to assist you if you want to rent or buy equipment in Kathmandu upon your arrival

Paper Document Clothing Equipment
Valid passport for at least 3 months to the end of the end of the climb.
Secure Travel Wallet
Photocopy of the first two pages of your passport
One Passport size photo for Nepal Visa/ Two Passport photos for Tibet Visa.
Personal spending money
Reading, writing materials
Personal travel accident insurance
One large duffel bag for trek weighs no more than 30kg.
Locks for duffel bag
Casual clothing for travel and while in Kathmandu
1 pair shorts
2 light weight dryable shirts                                            
2 sets polypro long johns
2 light weight shirts                                                        
1 light weight trouser
1 fleece jacket                                                              
1 fleece pant
1 shell bib pants
1 shell jacket                                                                 
1 down jacket
 2 pair light weight walking socks                        
1 pair ski gloves and warm high altitude mitts.
 1 sun hat and 1 fleece or wool hat.
 1 pair trekking boots
1 pair plastic climbing boots or combination One- Sport.
 Down booties and warm base camp footwear.
1 pair gaiters    
 1 pair insulated super gaiters
Personal toile equipment i.e paper, shampoo, foot powder etc.
1 carry-on travel bag
1 day pack -70 litre.
1 personal base camp sleeping tent.
2 sleeping pads  
2 sleeping bags (it is preferable to leave one bag at BC) 1 (-20c) and 1 (-25c)  
1 ice axe
1 pair crampons
1 harness
2 screw locking carabineers
2 plain carabineers
1 ascender
1 descended
1 helmet
2 tape slings (1-2m and 1-4m)
1 set prussic loops
1 water bottle
1 thermos
1 pee bottle- well marked if using the same brand of water bottle.
1 head lamp (spare batteries/bulbs)
1 pair glacier sunglasses
1 pair ski goggles
1 small minor first aid kit
1 personal repair kit
1 pocket knife
1 insulated coffee mug
2 sun & lip creams